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This is a Chinese sleeve band in cream silk, embroidered in shades of many colours in a continuous design of people in a garden. It features two bearded old men with a rat, a table and a stool and at the other end two younger men and what is probably a pig (could be a dog) in a pen. The garden has flowering trees and peonies in many colours. The standard of embroidery is excellent, the faces are particularly detailed and well executed. It measure 86 cms./34 inches long and 7 cms./ 2 3/4inches wide. The band has been mounted at some time and there are a few small marks on the edges. This is a beautiful piece of embroidery and worthy of a personal collection.

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Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Sleeve Band
This is a lovely Chinese cloth in silk embroidered all over in traditional Chinese symbols in gold and coloured silk thread. It is edged with twisted cord and has a gold silk tassel at each corner. In the centre of the piece is a peacock with its wings outstretched and it is surrounded by sprays of roses and other flowers executed in very fine couched work with the gold thread being held down invisibly. There are also two butterflies which can indicate a wish for a long life. The cloth is backed with pink silk fabric which has been attached by hand. It measures 58 x 62 cms. or 23.5 x 24.5 inches. This textile is in very good unfaded condition and the colours are bright and fresh.

ID Code as201a287

58 x 62 cms.

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Vintage Chinese Embroidery, Peacock,  Butterflies
This is an old embroidered Chinese child’s hat which was made especially for a festival and embroidered by hand. It has a basic cap shape, open at the top, in magenta cotton sateen, with black binding and narrow braid at the edge. The design is of a fierce dragon (or perhaps a tiger) with ears that stick up above the rim of the crown, large bosses for eyes and embroidered wings at the sides. The nose is in the shape of a fish and there are smaller fishes at the sides which all bear up to five “whiskers” or coloured tassels on sprung wires. There are also small blue motifs on springs each side of the nose. All sections are beautifully embroidered in silk and metallic thread. At the back of the hat there is a long panel in magenta satin which hangs down at the back of the neck. The hat is lined in light blue cotton. There is some wear on the lining inside the hat and there is a small slit in the neck of the fish which makes up the nose, but otherwise the hat is in excellent condition for its age and the colours are bright and unfaded. It would make an excellent addition to a collection.

ID Code as201a271

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Vintage Embroidered Chinese Festival Hat for Child
This is an antique Chinese embroidered collar which has been worked on cotton with silk threads in a design of flowers and Chinese characters. There is a finely sewn decorative border which has silver beading and charms attached, which are insects and I think scrolls. It has been stiffened with interlining and was originally lined in dark blue fabric, but this has mostly disappeared. The collar is tailored with a dart at the centre back to make it fit snugly round the neck. The collar measures just over 15 inches long and 4 inches wide at the central point, and the embroidery is in very good condition and with no fading. It would be a welcome addition to any embroidery collection.

ID Code as201a221

15 inches long

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Antique Embroidered Chinese Collar with charms