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Welcome to the Textiles and Stuff Website

Here you will find a constantly changing variety of period objects - antique and ethnic textiles, lace, embroidery, costume and collectables.

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Antique Victorian Handkerchief, lace edged lawn
This is a good quality handkerchief of the Victorian era, in a very fine cotton fabric, decorated with a deep frill round the edge of several types of...
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Sleeve Band
This is a Chinese sleeve band in cream silk, embroidered in shades of many colours in a continuous design of people in a garden. It features two...
Antique Whitework Embroidered Collar, c 1800
This is beautiful example of a white work collar in very fine cotton, embroidered with delicate sprays of flowers and finely pointed leaves in a continuous line round...


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