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Antique Needlework And Knitting Tools


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This is an antique wooden clamp used for winding wool, silk or cotton for knitting, embroidery, crochet, and tatting, dating from the first half of the 19th Century. They sometimes came in pairs and were used to hold the skein while a ball was wound by hand. It is nicely turned with a boxwood finial in the shape of an acorn at the top. It is in very good condition, but of course with the usual signs of wear. The wooden screw although antique is probably not the original. The winding clamp measures 26 cms. long with the screw fastened tight and 8 cms, wide at the widest part. These clamps are less seen these days.

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26 x 8 cms.

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Antique Wooden Winding Clamp for silk and wool
This is s sterling silver Edwardian thimble for a child. It is hallmarked for Birmingham for the year 1909, and the maker’s mark J.S is probably for James Swann. The first photograph shows it together with an adult’s thimble (which is not for sale) to give some idea of the size. It is decorated with an intertwining swag round the base with the traditional indentations above. The ring round the base is faceted and it measures 5/8 inch or 1.7 cms. high. It measures 1.1 cms. in diameter inside measurement It is in very good condition, though there are some slight signs of use. These are rarer nowadays and hard to find - a lovely addition to a collection.

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Victorian English Silver Child's Thimble